Thursday, October 20, 2011

wednesday, 10-19-2011

Everyday. You try to make it count. The big stuff, the little stuff and everything in-between. If you don't already know, Megan has always talked of not wanting to die before she had time to leave a legacy. It's not enough to be graceful, brave, full of life and healing...Megan wants to always be remembered and touch all of those who have touch her. Yes, that means you...doctors, nurses, techs, friends and family. She wants to impact, influence and inspire those she meets. She wants them to be courageous enough to do what they need to do to evolve in their own life's journey....whatever that may be.
So here is my story for today. While we were inpatient in the hospital a few weeks ago. Megan was asked if she would be willing to shave "Marty"s head to kick of a fund raiser for children's hospital. Megan's response, "Well, sure why not?....I'm already at the hospital." She flashes a big smile.
The day of the event, she is happy and humorous. We leave our hospital room and head down to the lobby where there are about 100 or so people waiting for Megan. We are introduced to all the people we need to. Of course there are cameras there ready to start taping. Megan gets started. Someone in the crowd shouts out to Megan asking her if she ever shaved a head before. She confidently responds, "Well, I used to shave dogs when I worked at Pet hard could it be?" the crowd breaks out in laughter! Above and beyond that, she agreed to be interviewed on tape so she could share her story with everyone or even just one person - that her story may help.
Today (for the second time since the event), Marty came to the hospital to visit Megan because she did inspire him. He told us a story of a large board meeting he had to attend. Executives thought it was a good idea to show the head shaving video of him and Megan. Once that was over, they asked Marty to give an impromptu speech regarding  it. He gave his story of how inspiring Megan is. Afterwards, it become totally quiet in the room. Marty was worried it fell on deaf ears. They excused the group so that just the executives finish the meeting. To Marty's surprise, executives and many people in the group approached him with an outstretched open arm....sometimes with both arms...tears in their eyes....INSPIRED! Megan, you inspire many people you never even meet!
Oh, this gets better. There is another fundraising board meeting this Friday. They asked Marty if they could show the tape again...and would he share Megan's story again. Marty decided to request one step further...he asked Megan if she would be willing to give a little speech and share her story inspire everyone at the meeting. I am SO proud of her...she said yes....not only is she touching people...she is creating her legacy....absolutely beautiful!

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